Jenny Mitchell has been a Messenger for Spirit for 25 years. She is a Soul Healer utilizing many different modalities over the years to develop her own unique style and is also a Metaphysical Teacher that uses teaching, channeling and meditation to help clients to open up to the divine energy of their own being and incorporate it into their lives beneficially. In addition, Jenny is a medium psychic giving guidance and direction to clients in a safe and empathetic environment and conducts workshops, regular meditation groups and is also a frequent speaker at many spiritual groups and churches. For over seventeen years, Jenny was a leader of CRUISE Spiritual Church. Jenny also is a Celebrant specialising in personalised, unique ceremonies.

Jenny is passionate about sharing the Messages of Spirit

Jenny’s Story

For the last 25 years I have been exploring my spirituality.  I have chosen to explore many different areas to find what has suited me and then developed different techniques.  Every avenue I have explored has bought me to a deeper understanding and connection. I was the leader of a Spiritualist Church called CRUISE, at Rochedale,, Brisbane for 17 years which was a wonderful training for me to develop my unique style of working with Spirit.   

I first became a spiritual healer helping others to release pain and stress in their lives.  I developed many different styles of healing and use whichever healing modality suits my clients at the time.  I use a unique method of meditation and healing which allows healing on the deepest level for the client.   I am also a NLP practitioner which has given me another insight into healing. Through my healing I started giving messages and that started me on this path of Psychic and Mediumship readings.  Which is, I believe, where I was meant to go.   

 16114241_10208599429691028_6169570155847600219_nI have a close connection with my guides which enables me to channel messages and healing.  I allow myself to be used by the highest energies of the Spirit Beings to bring through messages to help others to understand this life journey and the reasons that we are here now at this time in our evolution.  I now am dedicated to helping others to recognise their spirit and to enrich their lives with the love of spirit.  


I am a Marriage Celebrant offering both Traditional and Spiritual Ceremonies to clients.  Marriage is a love commitment which has a very beautiful spiritual connection.